Interest Free Finance Saves the Day!

Recently we performed a termite job for a family in Carindale, Queensland. The family live in a fairly new, large executive size home.

As this was a relatively new home, the owner believed he did not need to have regular termite inspections performed. Unfortunately by the time the owner had discovered the termite activity in the bathroom, termites had already destroyed one side of his home!

This was a large infestation and required a lot of work from stat to finish. Due to the amount of time and product involved to treat and protect this home, this job totalled up to quite a reasonable amount of $$$.

As you can imagine, the owner was really starting to stress when he started to add up the total cost of builders rebuilding part of his house and the necessary termite work needing to be performed.

Like most people these days, we are all finding things financially tight, and this owner was in the same boat as the rest of us.

Thankfully for our client, we are able to offer interest free finance for the termite work. We were able to combine all three stages of termite work:

Stage 1 – The Termite Inspection
Stage 2 – The Infestation Treatment
Stage 3 – Install a Termidor Barrier around the home

Into one package price. We then used our INTEREST FREE FINANCE OPTION to break payments down to an affordable weekly amount.

Our client rang us when he got our quote, telling us he was so happy and relieved that he could cry and went ahead with the full service.

At the end of the day, we treat our valued clients like friends and family, and we want to give you the best possible result and make the process as painless as possible.

Termite attacks can be like a house fire if it get’s out of hand – absolutely devastating!

Try to make sure you have your home inspected for termites AT LEAST every 12 months.


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