Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspections Brisbane – Selling Your Home in Brisbane

Thinking About Selling Your Brisbane Home?

If you are about to sell your Brisbane Home, and you are looking to achieve a fast and hassle-free sale, then you really should consider having a Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection performed PRIOR to putting your home on the Brisbane Market.

Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspections are also known as “Vendor Inspections” or “Pre-Auction Inspections”


The Advantages of a Pre-Sale Inspection…

As a Seller, you want to ensure that you are going to get the best possible price for your home, and the only way to do that is to have your home ready for market. Poor sales performance is generally a direct result of poor preparation.

The advantage of the Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection is that you get the chance to find and fix any faults that may be in place or that have gone unnoticed at your home such as… leaking water pipes that are concealed in walls, or more importantly – hidden termite activity and damage or termite management systems that have expired or are non-existent.

We have been recently advised by some of our Customers that some Brisbane Home Loan Lenders now have a mandatory lending criteria for obtaining finance – that the property MUST have a Current Termite Management System in place.

From first hand experience performing Pre-Purchase Inspections, we have found that if we find and mention termite problems in a Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection Report – 99% of the time those Buyers will either pull out of the sale OR will demand a substantial discount off the asking price.

These days, Brisbane Buyers are more educated now to the hidden pitfalls of buying a home, and it is for this reason that Buyers no longer shop for Pre-Purchase Inspectors based on Price – Buyers are looking for experienced & knowledgeable Inspectors who can potentially save them from purchasing a home with TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in hidden damages.

Quality Pre-Sale & Pre-Purchase Inspectors will generally find suspect repairs or areas where the Sellers have attempted to hide past termite damage. So if you are trying to establish Buyer confidence for your home, you will certainly achieve this by providing interested Buyers with your Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection Report. Buyers will see you as being an open and honest Seller in relation to the true condition of your home.


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