Rental Properties & Termite Inspections

If you own an investment/rental property regular scheduled termite inspections are incredibly important.

In most cases a rental office will have a rent roll of over 300 odd managed properties, with individual property managers looking after an average of 150 properties.

Your property manager is generally flat out ensuring your rent is paid on time and that the tenants are looking after the house.

It would be unrealistic to expect your property manager or tenants to have the skill required to spot termite activity.

A good termite inspector has generally put in years of study and hard work performing hundreds of inspections to learn his trade, it is this experience that enables him to spot termite activity.

If you don’t have regular scheduled termite inspections performed every year, you may find your self in a world of financial hurt.

By the time your property manager contacts you to authorise a termite inspection, due to tenants complaining of doors falling off hinges or windows no longer closing its generally to late.

Your more than likely looking at tens of thousands of dollars in building repairs compliments of termite damage.

The following photos are of rental properties Silks have inspected that have been smashed by termites, by the time we got the call it was to late for the owner.

Walls needed to be replaced, the floors of three rooms had to be replaced, a bathroom had to be completely replaced from floor to ceiling as the shower on the second floor was about to drop through the floor.

The pictures speak for them selves.

The home is most peoples biggest investment, it really is worth the money to have it inspected at least once a year.

Can you imagine the financial devastation if you had to sell the family home for land value purely because termites had destroyed your home.


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