TERMIDOR®, Termites and flooding {Brisbane}

Australia is a land of many contrasts. After years of crippling droughts and water shortage issues, we have recently experienced a complete turn around in weather conditions, culminating in the extreme flooding events across Queensland.

As a consequence of these flooding events the integrity of your previous termite treatment zone may have been compromised.

Whilst TERMIDOR® is proven to be able to to withstand extreme weather conditions, during a major flood event treated soil may have been physically removed or, conversely untreated soil may have been deposited over a previously treated zone. As well, cleanup or repair work on buildings or landscaping may have likewise disturbed any previous treatment.

BASF strongly recommends that if you have suffered from the recent extreme weather events, that you contact your Accredited Termidor Applicator (ATA) and arrange an inspection as soon as possible.

For peace of mind, your ATA can assess what, if any damage has been done to your termite treated zone and provide a written report on the level of risk from termite attack and a follow-up treatment proposal if required.


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