Termite Alert – Treatment of Schedo Termites – Birkdale, Brisbane, Queensland

Recently we were called into a Birkdale Residence to perform a Visual Termite Inspection. This property is a lowset brick veneer home on a concrete slab.

The home owner hadn’t had a Termite inspection perform at this property for over 18 months and did not have a current termite management system in place.

During the inspection we came across a heat signature in the bathroom wall using our FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. On further investigation this was found to be a sched termite nest concealed in the wall void.

The termites appear to have come through the shower recess in the floor drain. This entry point was not visible and could only be found with our thermal camera.

We showed the client the heat signature on the thermal camera, and they immediately gave us the go ahead to do an initial termite infestation treatment using Termidor

We will go back to the property in 3 weeks time to confirm the initial termite infestation treatment has been successful.

This would include an Invasive Inspection of the termite affected area. Once we have proven that the treatment has worked, the home owner will be required to use licenced builders, tilers, plumbers, and painters to rebuild their bathroom.

Shortly after this follow up and invasive inspection, the client wants us to install a termite management system around their house to try and deter future termite attacks.


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