Termite Alert – Treatment of Termites – Wynnum, Brisbane, Queensland

Last week we were called by a home owner in Wynnum who wanted to know what the Cost Of A Termite Treatment & Barrier was?

It turns out she had recently bought a brick home in the area, and the Pre-Purchase Inspection had missed some termite activity.

The termites had entered the house in the wall void in a converted garage joined to the house. This garage area was never designed to be converted into a bed room, and as such the area the termites had entered the house was concealed by temporary plaster walls.

Unfortunately the new home owner had spent all of her money in the purchase of this house and was really worried how she was going to be able to pay for this urgent termite problem.

With our Interest Free Finance she was able to cover the cost Of her Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment, and New Termite Barrier at only $44 per week.

We inspected the house and performed the initial termite infestation treatment. In three weeks time we will go back and check on the success of our Termidor treatment. We will than install her termite management system in the soil around her home using Termidor. This new Termidor termite barrier will last 8 years.

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