TERMITE DAMAGE – Residential Property in The Gap, Brisbane

The Images below are from a recent Termite Inspection that we performed for a home owner at The Gap in Brisbane’s Northside

Termites were attracted to the house due to rotting timber in ground contact. This timber was bridging to the floor of the house. The timbers that were rotting were the cosmetic timber trellis around the side of the house.

The termites did widespread damage throughout the front of the house – The visible Termite Damage found on the day required treatment for  two sets of stairs, approx 25 metres of skirting boards across 4 rooms, and 2 timber retaining walls.

This visible damage does not include the concealed damage that was hidden inside of the walls of the house and this damage will require a team of licenced builders to re-construct the wall frames – This could potentially cost our client upwards of $20,000+ in damage repairs by the time the walls are re-framed, the plaster is re-attached and the rooms are re-painted.