The Consequences of DIY Termite Treatments/Pest Control

What’s the fastest most effective way to stop Termites in Brisbane?

There is only one answer… Use a licenced and experienced professional!


This person should hold the following licences…

* A QBCC (BSA) Licence

* A Qld Health Department license


The financial value of your home is just too great to risk!


The “Home Handyman” Syndrome & The Consequences of DIY Termite Treatments & Pest Control…


In most cases, a home owner looking for cheap options will run off to the local hardware shop and buy some kind of nasty bug spray.


What are the Consequences?



Have you just endangered your families and neighbour’s future long term health by exposing them to a product that could put you all in hospital and possibly develop cancer later in life? Are you even qualified to be playing with poisons?



I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen “Home Handymen” standing in the pest control product isle scratching their head trying to work out what product to use.

The only products available to the public for termite work are repellent products, designed to protect fence posts in the garden. To treat an average size house requires hundreds of litters of product. So if the “Home Handyman” was to mix up 400+ litters of nasty/nasty hardware store bought product and poured it into the soil around his house, he would achieve two things:

1) He would lock the termites inside the house, so they would continue to do more damage faster as they now have no outside food source.

2) Almost guaranteed, the fumes coming off the product would likely put Him and his family and his next door neighbours in hospital.

There is not a product in a Queensland hardware store that is publicly available, that is anywhere remotely as effective as the products available to licensed termite technicians.


The Smart Choice…

Call Silk’s Pest Control!

There is no such thing as silly questions – only silly choices!

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