The Importance of Water Drainage and Termites

Water drainage around the house is very important.

Termites are attracted to water, therefore its important to make sure all external water sources are directed to drainage and directed away from the house.

This includes ground water build up on sloped blocks, in some cases it is necessary to install additional drainage to prevent water pooling against the house.

The following photos show termite damage resulting from a termite attack that entered the external wall of the bathroom.

The termite damage effected the walls of the house and support timbers in the roof.

If this house had 6-12 monthly termite inspections this damage may have been prevented.

This house had not been competently inspected for 2 years.

The chemical treated zone “Termite management system” around the house was out of date.

There was a lot of ground water pooling against the house when ever it rained.

The termite infestation was treated successfully with Termidor.

Plumbing and building repairs ran over $15,000.


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