What Does it Cost to Protect Your Financial Future?

What Does it Cost to Protect Your Financial Future?
Answer: Less than 1% of the total value of your home.

Q) What’s the average cost of a termite (white ant) management system?
A) On average less than half of 1% of the total value of your home.

Q) What’s the average sale price of a home with considerable termite damage?
A) Can be less than land value due to demolition costs to remove the damaged house.

Q) How long does a termite management system last?
A) Up to 8 years!

Q) Are termites really so bad?
A) Annually termites damage more homes than fire, floods and cyclones combined.

Q) If termites are so bad I should be covered by my home insurance?
A) No!!! none of the Big insurance companies cover termite damage.
This point right here should tell you how real the termite problem is!!!

Q) Is your home protected? When did you have it last checked?
A)……………… You need to have your home checked at least every 12 months.

We have rescued houses from termite attacks in the Brisbane area that had lost over 40% of their home thanks to termites, this level of damage took less than 6 months.

Q) Did you have property effected by the Brisbane floods?
Did you lose any soil around your buildings?
A) If you did you would have lost any termite protection that may have been in place.

Some important points to note:
1) The most effective termite management system is a chemical treated zone installed in the soil around your home.
2) Check your power box for a sticker that tells you about your termite treated zone, check the date to make sure it is still active.
3) If you cant find your sticker you probably don’t have any protection at all.

Free advice:
Do you have a smart phone? Take a photo of your termite sticker in the power box and we will try and explain what it means and let you know if your product is still in date.
Text your name and photo of your sticker to Ph:0418733861

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