fire ants brisbane

fire ants brisbane

Fire Ants Brisbane – What You Should Do If You Find Fire Ants…


Safety First – Don’t Touch Them!

The risks associated with fire ants are:

– Fire ants are a VERY dangerous invasive species

– They attack in large swarms and the venom they carry in their sting is highly reactive to humans

– People have died as a result of severe anaphylactic shock

– Children are especially vulnerable to fire ant venom

– They easily have the ability to blind and kill household pets

– When in large swarms there has been reports of live stock (cattle) being killed as a result of the many stings

– A fire ant bite will create a blister that leaves a scare than can last several months, in some cases these scares can be permanent

fire ants brisbane

Urgency: How Fast Do We Need To Treat Them And Gain An Effective Kill?

This depends on your own personal risk assessment and the proximity to your children, pets and loved ones.


Is The Nest Located Where Children Play Or Customers Use Your Facilities?

The longer you leave fire ants in place the faster they will spread to neighbouring properties and the bigger the fire ant problem gets.

Fire Ants are a category ONE restricted pest under the Biosecurity Act 2014 landholders must report suspected sightings of fire ants to Biosecurity Queensland within 24 hours of finding them or face heavy fines.


What Will It Cost To Treat Fire Ants?

There are 2 options to treat Fire Ants

Your decision should be based on your own personal risk assessment and how soon you want that threat stopped.

A Licensed Pest Controller who holds Authorisation from Qld Government can stop the fire ant threat in a matter of weeks – Qld State Government can take in excess of 7 months.



Contact Silk’s Pest Control – We are a Licenced Pest Controller who holds Authorisation by Queensland Government Fire Ant Program to treat fire ants.

Residential-Fee For Service from $330 inclusive of GST

This will treat an average size established residential house block.

Result – 3 weeks

Wait time for control of an existing fire ant infestation: 3 weeks

Pest Control operator will treat the nests in the yard with an odourless liquid product called Termidor.

** Commercial Clients – please contact the Silk’s Pest Control office for pricing.



Contact Queensland Government Fire Ant Program

Fee for service: Free

Result – 6 to 7 months

Wait time before they arrive to inspect: 2-3 months depending on availability

Qld Government use baiting on private residences. Baiting can take in excess of 4 months before the original nests stop being active.


Can A Property Owner Treat Fire Ants Themselves?

No, only Trained and Authorised Pest Control Operators can treat fire ants.

Treating nests incorrectly will only spread the nesting areas resulting in potentially heavy fines.


How Does Silk’s Pest Control Perform A Fire Ant Service?

  1. First we perform an inspection of the grounds looking for fire ant nests and areas of activity, while doing this we also investigate areas identified by the client. We will compile a report and identify known locations of active fire ant nests.
  2. Using a soil injection rod we will inject an odorous liquid called Termidor directly into the soil around the nests.
  3. Follow up inspections are strongly recommended 3 weeks after the initial treatment, service call out fees apply.

fire ants brisbane

Map from Qld Government Fire Ant Program showing Affected Fire Ant Infestation Zones & Suburbs

fire ants brisbane

Contact Silk’s Pest Control…

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