Termite Barriers BRISBANE

Termite Barriers BRISBANE

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Termite Barriers Brisbane


Silk’s Pest Control can provide your BRISBANE House, Townhouse or Rental/Investment Property with a Termite Barrier (Termite Management System) designed to treat all types of termite control issues in Residential Properties.


Does Your BRISBANE Home Have A Current Active Termite Barrier In Place?

In most cases during a Termite Inspection, our Technician will look for a durable notice in your power box that relates to your Termite Management System, and we will provide you with advice in your Termite Inspection Report.

Every BRISBANE Home Owner should make sure they have an up-to-date Termite Management System in place to deter subterranean termite attacks.


When it comes to termites –  PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE.


There are a number of methods available to treat and manage termites in your BRISBANE home. Some of these options are…

  • Termite Baiting Systems or
  • Soil Chemical Treated Zones (often referred to as “Termite Barriers)

Silk’s Pest Control uses Termidor for soil treated zones, and we are an Approved Applicator of Termidor.

Termite Barriers BRISBANE

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    Termite Barriers BRISBANE Termite Barriers BRISBANE