Getting to Know Termites – Mastotermes Darwiniensis


MASTOTERMES DARWINIENSIS {The Giant Northern Termite}…


The Giant Northern Termite is a large endemic species which nests in trees and logs in the tropical areas of Australia.

In native environments, population are generally small but in built up residential areas nests can be very large.

This species is known to cause damage to wood and wood products, and is one species that is known to invade houses causing severe structural damage.

This is the termite of nightmares – this termite species can destroy a home in a few short months. This Termite will even attack the tires on a Tractor!!!

This termite mainly lives in areas of the tropics North of Rockhampton Queensland –┬ábut be warned – they are marching south every day as our planet heats up thanks to climate change.

There have been reports of this species being found on the Gold Coast, Queensland!


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