Getting to Know Termites – Schedorhinotermes Intermedius




  • Colonies often in tree stumps and root crown area
  • Nests can form under in-fill patios, under houses and timber buried in ground, ie retaining walls
  • Colonies are partially mobile as Queen is able to relocate
  • Workings rather brittle compared to Coptotermes and appear darker than surrounding soil
  • Timber can be fully excavated with the void mud-packed
  • In timber workings the soldiers are less numerous than workers
  • Above ground workings often brittle


This is the most common termite we encounter here in Brisbane at Silks Pest Control.

Never attempt to do a DIY termite treatment with any termites attacking your home especially this species.

If you mess up a termite treatment with Schedo’s – they will spread through out your home like wild fire, resulting in a massive amount of timber damage.


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