How To Get The Best Results From Your Pest Control Service



When mopping your floors, stay approximately 5cm away from the base of the walls/skirting boards. If you mop against the walls, you will remove the surface spray that has been applied.

ALTERNATIVES TO MOPPING – If dust or dirt builds up next to the walls, instead of mopping, use a soft bristled broom against the walls/skirting boards. For a surface spray to remain effective over long periods of time, they need to be left in place where the pest technician has applied the treatment on the surface.

INTERNAL AREAS – The surface spray that We use can last up to 6 months for internal areas if the surface spray is left in place.

EXTERNAL/OUTDOOR AREAS – ┬áIn external/outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements, on average the surface spray will last up to 3 months.



COCKROACHES & SILVERFISH – These pest can be brought into the house in storage boxes and containers, so ensure that you check all boxes and containers for pest activity before bringing them inside.

GERMAN COCKROACHES – In our experience, one of the biggest causes of German Cockroach infestations is from fruit shops and supermarkets. When bringing home your shopping in cardboard boxes, it is recommended that you empty the boxes immediately and dispose of the box immediately in the bin outside. German Cockroaches like to place eggs in the cardboard corrugation and when those eggs hatch in your home – you can experience large infestation problems if they are not detected early.

DOORS & WINDOWS – Where you are able to, keep your doors and windows closed or flyscreens closed during the day and night to prevent pests flying in from outside.



Most pest control businesses will provide you with a warranty for the service covering Pest Infestations. An Infestation is defined as the state of being invaded or overrun by pests.

After your pest control treatment has been applied, if you open the kitchen cupboard under the sink and see 20+ live cockroaches, that is classed as an infestation and will normally be treated free of charge as long as you have not removed the surface spray (see above regarding Mopping).

After your pest control treatment has been applied, if you see 1 or 2 cockroaches here or there – this is NOT and infestation and is not covered by a warranty, as the cockroaches may have flown through an open window or door. Chances are – when you see the same cockroach tomorrow, he will be upside down and dead due to the treatment that has been put in place.


REMEMBER… Queensland is a tropical environment overrun with pests! Our job is to manage pest numbers. Completely eliminating all pest activity in your home is impossible.