Termite “Checks” – Too Good to be True!

Termite "Checks" - Too Good to be True!

“Free Termite Checks” – Too Good to be True!

“Free Termite Check”? – If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Recently we had two new clients change over to Silk’s Pest Control as their Termite Inspection Provider. These two home owners had previously been hit with what sounded like great offers from their previous pest control company. The offer was “get a free termite check with every pest service”.

Both families fell victim to misleading advertising!

They thought that a “termite check” and a termite inspection was the same thing? They are definately NOT!

One is performed by a licensed termite specialist and therefore can be insured – the other is a performed by a pest person working beyond their skill set.

Unfortunately, both homes had come under termite attack and termite nests had been found. Both home owners called this company back, only to be told this pest person did NOT hold a QBCC Timber Pest Licence and therefore was not qualified to do termite work.


So how does this work?

To perform a timber pest inspection in Queensland, the technician AND the company they work for need to hold a current QBCC licence – not just a pest control licence to spray for cockroaches.

The “termite check forms” I have been shown by upset home owners are a one page document, performed by a basic pest person who is unlicensed and uninsured for this specialised termite work.


So what’ the difference?

A licensed timber pest inspection is performed in accordance with “Australian Standards” under a strict code of practice.

The report is generally 30+ pages long. Timber pest technicians have invested a lot of time & study, as well as spending thousands of dollars to gain the qualifications to perform this specialised work.

Most have also invested thousands of dollars purchasing advanced inspection equipment as well as paying thousands each year to be fully insured.

Most quality inspectors have years of experience looking for termites, stopping termite attacks, and understanding the best methods to protect homes from future attacks.


You wouldn’t let a bus driver fly you around in a plane, would you?

So DON’T let a basic bug man hit you with a termite check!


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