What is a Termite Inspection?

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What is a Termite Inspection?

A Termite Inspection is the physical inspection of a building, the grounds (front and back yards) and the fence line out to 50m from the structure.

The Termite Inspection covers the physical testing and checking of all structures accessible outside and inside of the house.

This service is heavily regulated by the Government to protect the home owner from dodgy, unlicensed amateurs from providing this service. As such there is a code of practice we must abide by, in this case for an owner occupied private residence the code of practice is AS3660.

In Queensland, a Termite Inspector MUST hold timber pest qualifications and posses a QBCC (Formerly BSA) Timber Pest Licence.

Always ask for their licence number and if they have insurance! If they DO NOT hold insurance – they are required to inform you of this before they commence your service.


You can check their QBCC Licence number here…



What Should A Termite Inspector Actually Do When They Inspect A House For Termites?

Firstly, a Termite Inspector should have the following “Tools of the Trade“…

The minimum tools require to perform this task as per Australian standards are –

– Torch – to see in the roof void & sub floor as well as behind stored goods if possible is accessible

– Pocket Knife – to test timber

– Screw Driver – to check timber integrity

– Moisture Meter – to check wall voids for water leaks or termite nests of wet area’s like bathrooms kitchens laundry.

These are the bare minimum tools required to perform a Termite Inspection.


A Quality Termite Inspector will have all of the above tools PLUS the following…

– They will have Trade Insurance

– They will have another $10,000+ in specialist tools over and above the minimum requirement – such as Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras

– Digital remote cameras for inspecting inside the wall voids

– Numerous other specialist tools


How Is The Termite Inspection Performed?



The Termite Inspection starts by checking the fence line and any timber in ground contact in the yard.

The Termite Inspector will also check the expiry date and product used of any termite management system that may still in place.

They will then begin to inspect the outside of the structure/home for conducive conditions such as:

– Gardens next to walls

– Bridging

– Water outlets dropping water in ground contact

– Rusted gutters

– Wood rot

– Incorrectly placed drill spacing from past dodgy termite technicians poorly installing chemical treated zones (a very common occurrence)



– The Termite Inspector will test and tap all accessible timbers throughout the house

– They will use a moisture meter on walls of wet areas

– They will use remote digital cameras to inspect concealed voids if an inspection panel is in place

– They will move up into the roof void and visually inspect all timbers accessible if they are not obstructed by insulation



If the house has a subfloor, this area is also inspected and close attention will be paid to:

– Water leaks

– Poor drainage

– Timber in ground contact

– Bridging

– Rusted Termite Shields

– Wood rot



On completion of this above basic Termite Inspection, a quality Termite Inspector will then re-inspect the house with a thermal imaging camera – scanning all surfaces for hot spots that may indicate concealed termite nests or active termite attacks.



This is how you can spot a cheap dodgy inspection – The Termite Inspection Report must be completed in accordance with Australian standards AS3660 for an owner occupied property (A Pre-Purchase Inspection is more detailed and is in a slightly different format)

The Termite Inspection Report will include recommendations for limiting the potential of future termite attacks, as well as identifying any building faults related to termite risks.

A quality report can be over 30 pages long and include photos.



If an active termite infestation is found during a Termite Inspection, a quality Termite Inspector should be able to stop any termite attack taking place.

Further information on Termite Treatments and Termite Barriers can be found in our article “I’ve Found Termites, What Do I Do?”.


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