What is a Termite Management System?

** This information relates to existing homes **


There are many other options available that can be used whilst a home is being built.

A Termite Management System is a process designed to limit the risk of future termite attacks to your home.

For an existing home there are really only two options:



COST – On average $2,200 to install and an average of $880 per year for regular station inspections. (Approximate Cost over 8 years – $9,240)

This System has proven to be a poor performer in my personal experience. It is also expensive in the long run with on-going fees.

Plastic stations containing timber are placed in the soil and concrete around your home at intervals of 3-6 meters apart. They are located under the drip line of the gutters of your roof.

This system can require the services of concrete cutters to borer large holes in your concrete areas to install the stations.

I have seen baiting fail many times when it is the only method / product used on normal residential homes.

Baiting requires 4-6 weekly visits on average $110 per visit, there can be annual fees required to renew warranties.

If you stop paying for your ongoing services your system stops working.

This product relies on the stations being opened and the timber inside being checked, if termites are found inside they are treated with any number of products and then continue to be monitored at more regular intervals.



COST – On average $2500 to $3,500 for an average 60LM perimeter 3B/R house and it last’s up to 8 years with no on-going monthly service visits

This System has proven to be the most effective termite deterrent method and best value for money

A chemical treated zone is installed by method of trench and treating the soils around the footings of the external walls.

Concrete areas attached to external walls are ideally cut away and the soil trenched and treated and back filled.

Most people prefer to have the concrete drilled and injected and the small holes plugged and filled with concrete to try and hide the holes.

From my experience in this trade over the last ten years I have never seen a chemical treated zone fail when installed correctly and the product used is Termidor.

Once this product is installed it can last up to 8 years – Below is a link to Termidor being installed…



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