Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Kenmore, Brisbane – Pre-Purchase Pest & Termite Inspections for Houses, Units, Investment/Rental Properties

Pre-Purchase Termite / Pre-Purchase Pest  Inspections For Kenmore Homes…


Pre-Purchase Inspections for Kenmore Homes are generally performed in two parts – Building & Pest


The Building Inspection… This part of the Inspection inspects for structural building faults such as cracks in walls, structural damage etc as well as leaking shower recesses and leaks in the roof. There are many things covered by a skilled Building Inspection – the end result is to detect any potential problem areas that may end up costing you a large amount of money to fix after you have purchased your Kenmore property.


The Pest Inspection… This part of the Inspection inspects for structural and cosmetic termite damage in areas with visual access. The Inspection also covers conducive conditions: which are things that will attract termites to your Kenmore property ie water leaks, timber in ground contact, blocked or non-existent weep holes to ventilate brick walls, gardens and vegetation next to the house etc


The Pest Inspection also covers the Termite Management System (also referred to as a “Termite Barrier”). The Inspector will check to see if a Termite Management System is in place around your Kenmore home, and if there IS one in place, is it still effective and is it still current?


Do You Need a Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection?


If you have ever purchased a used car, you will appreciate the importance of a vehicle inspection – you want to know if the car is safe to drive and if the previous owner has hidden any accident or mechanical problems.


Buying a house in Kenmore is exactly the same!


You would be horrified at the number of Sellers who have had termite attacks and have made the decision to just patch up the damage and hide it rather than having a builder open the walls and rebuild the damaged walls and roof structures. They just sell the house ASAP and run away like rats escaping a sinking ship.


This may sound extreme, but based on experience over 15 years performing Pre-Purchase Inspections in Kenmore, we can honestly say we have found this situation in nearly 60% of the pre-purchase inspections we have performed.



Can You Afford NOT to Have a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Performed?


Imagine buying your dream home in Kenmore, and making the decision NOT to have it inspected PRIOR to purchasing it…


Only to find that once you’ve moved in, you find that the house has a devastating amount of structural building faults and/or termite damage!


Then imagine having to find tens of thousands of extra dollars to rectify those damages! It’s a heartbreaking situation that happens to alot of Kenmore Home Buyers, but it doesn’t have to!

Make sure you have a Pre-Purchase Inspection performed before your sign on the dotted line for your next Home or Investment Property in Kenmore! It could potentially save you THOUSANDS of $$$!



If you would like to Book in a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection for your Kenmore Home, Unit, or Rental/Investment Property, please phone our office on 07 3398 8958 OR complete the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours…

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