Climate Change Impact On Destructive Termite Attacks & Termite Damage

Climate Change Impact On Destructive Termite Attacks & Termite Damage

Climate Change Impact On Destructive Termite Attacks & Termite Damage

As the years go by, Queensland is becoming hotter and more humid. This spells big trouble for Queensland homes, as termites LOVE heat and humidity

Termite attacks are becoming far more common, and the size of some attacks are MASSIVE. The amount of damage and speed at which it is taking place, is quite honestly scary. Some of the termite attacks I’ve seen here in Brisbane over the recent years are ASTOUNDING. They really have to be seen to be believed. There has been a termite damage explosion since the 2011 Brisbane floods, and the termite attacks have been far more destructive since that flood event.

It is estimated that termites do over a billion dollars worth of timber damage each year. In 2005, the Australian Government body, the CSIRO, put out a media release. At this time, they claimed that the estimated cost of termite damage and repair over the past 5 years had cost Australian home owners an estimated 3.9 BILLION DOLLARS!

As mentioned in our other videos, most home and contents insurance policies DO NOT cover termite damage or repairs, because the risk is just too high. If you’re not sure if your policy covers termite damage, contact your insurers and ask them. Then see if you can remember how long its been, since your last termite inspection.

Remember, you need to have your a Termite Inspection performed at your Home AT LEAST every 12 months. For most people, their home, is a major part of their financial future.

Termite damage can literally have an immediate impact on your families health and safety. I’ve seen termite damage SO bad, that I’ve nearly fallen through the fall in some houses. As you can see in these photos, once I have removed all of the termite mud and hollowed out timber – I was left with massive holes in the floor. The ONLY thing stopping people from falling through the floor in this room, was the carpet. Timber house posts can be interesting to inspect as well. At times they will just drop WITHOUT warning. The last thing you would want is a 200kg post landing on your loved ones or your car.

When it comes to termite damage, there is am old wives tail that I regularly hear from new clients saying “termites don’t eat hardwood”. Trust me when I tell you, an old hardwood house will get destroyed just as easily as a modern day pine framed house. From my own personal experience working in this industry for the past 10 years, the damage termites can do in a month to a hardwood framed house, they can do in a week to a pine framed house. To put this in perspective, I’ve seen and executive style brick veneer, timber framed home hit so hard over a 6 month period, that builders had to do over 70 thousand dollars in repairs to half of the house. And no, his home insurance DID NOT cover these repairs.

At this point you may be asking, what can i do to try and protect my home and limit the risk of termite damage?

This is the easy part – you only need 2 things…

Firstly, you must have regular termite inspections. These will provide you with the information to limit termite risk and help find termite damage in areas accessible before it gets out of hand.

Secondly, you must have a current termite management system in place around your home.

The first thing you should do after reading this post is open the lid on your powerbox and look for a sticker on the inside of the door. This sticker should have the words durable notice or termite printed along the top.

The next thing to do is look at the date of application and the life of the product. Make sure your product is still in date. If you cant see your stick or the information on your sticker is telling you that your system is now out of date there is a very high possibility of your home having a termite attack.

Over 95% of the homes I save from termite attacks do not have a current termite management system in place, and have not had a termite inspection in the last 12 months.

If you’re unsure of the information on your sticker, take a photo of it and email it to our office (, with an approximate date of your last termite inspection.

I will personally look at your photo, free of charge, and get back to you with suggestions.




Climate Change Impact On Destructive Termite Attacks & Termite Damage


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    Climate Change Impact On Destructive Termite Attacks & Termite Damage