Flood Waters and Poor Drainage can effect your Termite Barrier!

If you were directly effected by the Brisbane flood water and previously had a termite barrier installed before the flood, unfortunately your home may no longer be protected.
The best products on the market that are used to create a termite barrier are designed to bind to the soil, so if flood waters remove or disturbed the soil around your home, then it is safe to say your termite barrier was also removed with the flood water.
If you or your friends and family have ever had their home attacked by Termites, you will know how important the phrase “prevention is better than the cure” is!

The severity of the termite attacks we have treated in South East Queensland since the floods is incredible. Heavy consistent rain fall dramatically increased the number and severity of termite attacks (see our photo gallery)

In the past couple of years we have saved many homes that have been under massive termite attacks, some of these homes required over a 3rd of their home to be re-built due to termite damage and as a result of no termite barriers.

When was your last termite inspection?

At a minimum, you need to have your home inspected every 12 months.

Termites are a natural disaster that you CAN do something about.


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