Initial Termite Infestation Treatment – What’s is it and What’s Involved?

A Termite Infestation Treatment is the process of using a registered product applied directly or indirectly to termites with the intention of killing off the termites that are attacking your home and the nests that they came from.

The options of methods to use are many and the costs and products available are wide spread.

At Silk’s Pest Control, we mainly use a product called Termidor. This product can be used in three ways…

– Liquid

– Foam

– Dust


We have found this product will completely stop a termite attack and will kill the nest they came from on average within 21 days after the first treatment.


How is the treatment done?

A small hole is placed in the termite working in a specific location, and the product is then introduced to the termites.

The hole is covered and a notice placed at this location notifying what product was used, who applied it, and the date of treatment.

Three weeks later, we re-inspect the termite active areas to make sure the product has worked.


We have a 100% success rate with Termidor and have been using this product for over 10 years.

Our termite infestation treatments (step 2 in a 3 step process) start from $330 per area.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – A termite infestation treatment will not deter future termite attacks like a (part 3 of the process). It is only designed to kill off the termites attacking your home at the present time of service.


If you want to limit your risk of termite attacks, you must have a Termite Inspection every 6 to 12 months, and make sure you have a current in-date Termite Management System in place.


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