TERMITE DAMAGE – Residential Property in Brisbane

These Images below are from a recent Termite Inspection we performed for a residential property in BRISBANE

When it comes to treated pine timber for fencing and retaining walls – ALWAYS try to keep timber out of ground contact… Termites will still attack it even if it has been treated.

We often have clients ask “Why do we need to remove or replace our timber landscaping? It’s treated timber, and the timber salesman said it won’t get attacked by termites. Is that right?”

Unfortunately, NO – termites regularly attack treated timber and I’ll explain how….

In the images below, the green timber post in the corner to the left of the gate – This timber is in direct ground contact and as such has started to get wood rott.

Termites have entered the centre of this post in the area of the wood rott and have completely destroyed the centre of the post.