What Are Termite Shields?

Termite shields do not stop termite attacks, they are used as an inspection point only.

Termite shields are designed to force termites to exposes their activity by preventing them concealed access into your house.

When installed correctly, termite shields are used to force the termites to travel over the outer visible edge of the shield so that the building owner can see the termite mud and take appropriate action (call Silk’s Pest Control – Your Brisbane Termite Experts!)

For a termite shield to be effective it is very important to keep this area clear of soil and other objects that the termites can use to bypass or “bridge” over this shield.

The following photos show what happens when soil and garden waste are allowed to build up over the shield area.

In short termites can enter the house unnoticed and start to reek havoc.

I have included two photos of steel stirrups, this is another kind of termite shield also designed to prevent wood rot by keeping timber clear of ground contact.

This shield must also be kept clear of contact with other objects.

One photo shows what not to do and the other is correct by having the timber clear of contact with the ground.


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