When should I get my House Inspected for Termites?

We recommend that you have your home Inspected for Termites at least every 6 to 12 months. The termite inspection should be carried out by a BSA Licensed and Insured Termite Specialist and it is highly recommended that a Thermal Imaging Camera be used during the inspection.

Silk’s uses a Thermal Imaging Camera for all Termite Inspections…

FAR LEFT – What the Home Owner and a standard Termite Inspector sees

FAR RIGHT – What a Silk’s Pest Control Inspector sees using our quality FLIR Thermal Camera! The glowing yellow image in the centre of the photo below shows a large termite nest hidden behind the wall











FAR LEFT – The plaster wall is removed to show a massive Termite Nest

FAR RIGHT – close up image of the Termite Nest. The Termites from this nest destroyed more of the garage walls in this home.











The amount of termite damage that can be done in a year or so has to be seen to be believed! Silk’s Pest Control have been called in to save hundreds of homes from Termite attacks that have been going on for 1 or 2 years, and the repair bill is unbelievable! $80,000+ is a record repair bill in one of the homes that we recently inspected!

When was Your last Termite Inspection???


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