Termite Damage – Is it Covered Under Home Insurance?

Home Insurance DOES NOT cover Termite Damage and Activity!

Termites will continue to attack buildings if they are not fully treated with a system in accordance to Australian standards AS3660.

How do I know if my house has a system in place?

Check your external power box for a durable termite notice (it’s a sticker) make sure it is in date, if not call us ASAP for advice.

Termite Activity/Damage is like cancer to your home – if you ignore termites, they will literally kill your home!

It can be devastating for a home owner when we find structural damage to their biggest asset, the family home.

Over the past year I have found a number of clients have had large amounts of termite damage occur since their last termite inspection, all of these homes did not have a current Termite Management System in place.

Some of these clients had termite infestations when they first contacted our business, but did not want to complete the full treatment process, opting to save money and cross their fingers and hope for the best.

I have found that termites always come back when the customer does not install something to deter future attacks.

The Global Financial Crises has had an impact on us all, thankfully most people recognise how important it is not to cut corners when it comes to the family home.

When push comes to shove and your backed into a corner and you are forced to sell the family home, can you imagine how devastating it is to only get land value for the block because your home is riddled with massive structural termite damage.

The average cost of a termite management system using Termidor when treating the average size home is only about $3,000+ GST and this should last about 8 years under optimum conditions. When you look at the big picture it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind


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